Focal Solo6 Be 40th Anniversary 6.5″ Powered Studio Monitor

A Very Special Limited Edition of Focal’s Iconic Solo6 Be!

40 years ago, Focal amazed the professional studio world with the introduction of their Solo6 Be monitor, a modestly sized 2-way that delivers extended frequency response with a neutral, richly detailed midrange, silky extended highs, and tight bass control down to 40Hz. The Solo6 Be’s stunning transparency, resolution, and stereo imaging make it a best-in-class choice for no-compromise nearfield monitoring. Quality crafted in France and distinguished by its elegant, timeless black leather-like side panel finish and 40th Anniversary badge, this very special edition is a limited run of only 40 pairs worldwide — of which Sweetwater is getting the lion’s share. So if you’ve been thinking about seriously upgrading your studio monitoring, secure your pair of Focal Solo6 Be 40th Anniversary monitors while you can!

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